Fund Shui

Private Investment Company​

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable." - Robert Arnott

Who We Are  

Fund Shui Pty Ltd was founded by Daisy Chee who has over 20 years in investment and wealth management in the Asia Pacific region.

The name Fund Shui is purely a play on the words "Feng Shui" - the latter refers to an ancient Chinese cultural fanaticism with arranging things to bring about harmony. 

Previously Director of UBS, Director of Reuters Plc and Head of Research at Morningstar, Daisy Chee has consulted to multinational financial institutions, pension funds, superannuation funds and regulatory bodies on investment issues and strategies.

  What We Do

Our mission is to ensure that funds under our stewardship and advice are appropriately diversified to enhance wealth. 

Our activities include:
  • Investment and Portfolio Research
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Consulting
Office Location: Sydney, Australia
Tel: +61 415689471


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